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Maximum Upgrade & Our Facebook Page

We have upgraded the enterprise, Tycoon 1 and Tycoon 2 packages. And we know you'll gonna love it.

Here's the detail of the upgrade:

Enterprise Package:
from 720MB to 1,260MB Space
from 9,000MB Bandwidth to 10,000MB

Tycoon 1 package:
from 1,260 MB Space to 12,000 MB Space
from 10,000MB Bandwidth to 45,000 MB

Tycoon 2 package:
from 3,000 MB Space to 24,000 MB Space
from 12,000MB Bandwidth to 90,000 MB bandwidth

The price remain still almost the same. This is our gift to you our dear clients for staying with us thru all the years. For more details about the specifications please feel free to visit our web hosting comparison page found here:

Our facebook page is can be found here:

If you have any concerns, technical difficulties, comments or suggestions, please feel free to message us by submitting a ticket or sending us a message on facebook.

Kind regards,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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