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Major System Upgrade - Faster Servers

All dedicated servers in the H1 data center are being migrated onto brand new, upgraded hardware. The specifics of which will be explained momentarily. We plan to facilitate this migration both as quickly and easily as possible, but also want to assure you that your total satisfaction with this migration is our primary objective. Please be aware that this process does require a change of IP address and nameservers, as such it is vital that you take action in regard to the DNS settings once the actual data migration has been completed.

As mentioned, there are several automatic upgrades involved in this migration:

- - All servers will now have a RAID1 hard disk configuration. In brief, a RAID1 is two disks containing exact copies of the data (a mirror) which allows for increased read speeds for faster delivery of requested data. Data can be read from both disks independently or in tandem, which also provides redundancy in the event of a disk failure.

- - All servers will contain quad-core processors with hyper-threading enabled, which allows the for the processor to effectively share the workload at any given moment between cores resulting in the parallelization of computational processes, or simply put: increased speed.

- - All servers are pre-configured to allow for the attachment of off-server SAN (Storage Area Network) backup solutions, allowing for increased flexibility and control over your backups.

To start the migration our administrators will be logging into the server to transfer the data. In order for us to complete the migration, your server will need to be rebooted. The reboot will allow us to configure IP address tunneling for the new servers' IP addresses, which means you can then change your DNS at your convenience with minimal service disruption. We will be rebooting the server on Friday August 17th between 1am and 4am CST . If you prefer to have this scheduled at another time, please reply to this email with the most convenient time for you.

At this time, there are no changes needed to be made on your part. We'll contact you with another update, which will contain specific details regarding the necessary DNS change, upon completing the migration. We'll take care of everything else needed to keep downtime at a minimum and the ensure the migration is an overall success.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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