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How Do I Make Payment?

Credit Card


Credit card payments are handled by Paypal. To use paypal, you have to register and Add A Credit/Debit card. Once enrolled, you can simply pay us without revealing your credit card details. Your order will be set up immediately after payment.


If you pay using PayPal by default payment will not be taken automatically every month. You will need to login at the client area. Once logged in click the number where it says "Total Due" . Now click the invoice number you would like to pay. You can make a one time payment by clicking the picture that says "Pay Now with PayPal" or you can set your payment to be taken automatically every month by clicking "Pay Now and Subscribe". Instant setup and most recommended way to pay.

Direct Bank Deposit

This payment option accepts PESO only. You may also want to deposit your payments on any branch of BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) or Union Bank using your EON Account. Please send a support ticket for instructions on the payment.

Please use Yahoo Currency Converter for the current Peso - Dollar Exchange rate when paying Dollar Based invoice.

After payment, you have to make a support ticket indicating the that you have made a payment. Please make a scan copy of the receipt and attach it to your support ticket with the Invoice # on the subject field.

Switching Payment Methods

You are welcome to switch how you pay at any time. To do so, just read the above method you would like to pay with.

Past Due Invoices

We allow 10 days to pay any past due invoices. If invoices are not paid within the ten days, your account will be suspended and a 50% late fee will be placed. You will have an additional ten days to pay all open invoices before your account is terminated.

Exchange Rates

Please keep in mind that we base our prices in USD ($) and convert the price in Philippine Peso. Therefore, the price may vary from time to time depending on the Peso - Dollar exchange rate.

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